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To: Zaynard, SuefZaynard.]; Abendschan, Sharon[Abendschan.]; 

Maxwell, Annette[]; Duster, David[DUSTER. DAVID@EPA.GOV]; Golden, 
DanielafGolden.]; Jacobson, Linda[Jacobson.]; Lamdin, 
Randy[Lamdin.]; McCaffrey, Shawn[Mccaffrey.]; O'Reilly, 
Maureen[OReilly.]; Phillips, Virginia[Phillips.]; Pierre-Louis, 
Philippe[Pierre-Louis.]; Ross, William G[Ross.]; Rudy, 

Michael[Rudy.]; Urdiales, Aaron[]; Wilder, 

From: Land, Kelcey 

Sent: Tue 8/11/2015 3:31:51 PM 

Subject: RE: Staff Mtg. at 9:00 for everyone today 

Still on Gold King call - sorry - will get there as soon as I can 

From: Zaynard, Sue 

Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 8:27 AM 

To: Abendschan, Sharon; Maxwell, Annette; Duster, David; Golden, Daniela; Jacobson, Linda; 
Lamdin, Randy; Land, Kelcey; McCaffrey, Shawn; O'Reilly, Maureen; Phillips, Virginia; Pierre- 
Louis, Philippe; Ross, William G; Rudy, Michael; Urdiales, Aaron; Wilder, Scott; Zaynard, Sue 
Subject: Staff Mtg. at 9:00 for everyone today 



ED 000552B 00010689-00001